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The Relational Intersect

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“It’s not what I think about you and what you think about me that steers our interactions. It’s what I think you think about me and what you think I think about you.”

Some variation of the above words are how I introduce the Relational Intersect when speaking on it. It is a critical concept.

What I think you think of me is a conclusion that may be drawn from many “information” sources. It may be influenced heavily by cultural assumptions. It may be influenced by things I know or assume about your lifestyle choices. It may even be influenced by how I imagine you are expecting me to speak and act; what I think will project the right image and the intimacy or anonymity of the forum we are meeting in.

All of which I may be interpreting incorrectly.

— Simon Dixon 


The Relational Intersect is that point where we come together. Where my image of myself and you runs into your image of yourself and me. It is a place fraught with opportunities for miscommunication.

On this site, in these writings and in a forthcoming book, Who Do You Have To Be To Be With Me; The Relational Intersect, Stigma, Identity and You, (and Love?) we will explore the strictures of identity all of us carry and how, when understood, they can positively inform our relationships; on a personal level and on a community level.


Welcome to the Relational Intersect.